Dear Lifelong Learner,

Remember those days in high school, sitting in classes and wondering, "Why do I need to be here? When will I ever use this?" If that resonates with you, you're not alone. Many of us felt the same, trapped in a system that didn't ignite our passion for learning.

I was one of those kids. High school and college were challenging for me, not because of the academic rigor but because I never felt connected to the material. I questioned the relevance of what I was being taught and struggled to find my path amidst required courses that didn’t spark my curiosity. Despite my boredom and frustration with the high school curriculum, I graduated an average student and followed the traditional route, attending college in hopes of finding my true calling.

College wasn't any better. While I appreciated the social opportunities, the discipline, and the grit required to study and obtain passing grades, I felt frustrated by the lack of engaging courses, the high costs, and the overwhelming pressure to conform to a predefined educational path.

Then, there was a turning point. I clearly remember sitting in a class I had no interest in, facing mounting debts, asking myself "what am I doing here?" It was during that exact moment of clarity I decided it was time to take control of my learning journey. I quietly put my books in my bag, got up and walked out, determined to find a path that resonated with my passions. I remember the exact feeling of walking out of that classroom. It was scary, exhilarating and exciting!

This decision led me to a decade-long career in sales, where I learned invaluable lessons that no classroom could ever teach me. From active listening techniques to negotiating contracts and team leadership, I gained real-world skills essential for success. Along the way, I pursued various other certifications and licenses, proving to myself that I could succeed when studying subjects that truly interested me. I have since grown and expanded into the CEO position of two successful companies and co- founder of one of those companies.

Despite my achievements, there was always a lingering insecurity about not finishing college. It wasn’t until I embraced self-directed learning through reading, workshops, seminars and audiobooks that I found my true passion. Titles like "Think and Grow Rich," "Atomic Habits," and "Zero to One" (and many more) transformed my mindset and ignited a love for continuous learning. I had never been taught anything like what these books offered in a college class.

This journey led me to co-found WorldClass, an app designed for learners like us—autodidacts who crave personalized, engaging education. WorldClass breaks the mold of traditional education by offering:

  • Unlimited topics and live course creation: Learn what genuinely interests you without being confined to a fixed curriculum.

  • Adaptable learning levels: Start where you are and gradually increase complexity.

  • Customizable course duration: Learn at your own pace.

  • Interactive AI tutor: Ask clarifying questions and dive deeper into topics that spark your curiosity.

WorldClass empowers you to take control of your education, allowing you to set your learning path and visualize your progress. It’s about igniting that inner spark and fostering a lifelong love for learning.

Join me on this journey. Let WorldClass be your guide to a world of knowledge tailored to your interests and goals. Embrace the freedom to learn what you love and grow into the best version of yourself.

To your continuous growth and success,

Collin Baumgard


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